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ULTRA          WARM

Therm-ic is built upon on many years of experience, which started with the invention of heating for ski boots. Building on the developments and patents of the last 20 years, the range of products now includes a whole series of high quality, approved solutions for your winter sports activities.

Therm-ic products contribute to greater comfort and increase an athlete’s performance, at the same time providing a preventative effect as they reduce the risk of injury. For winter sports, the cold and extreme weather conditions are bothersome. In the worst-case scenario, they can cause injuries, frostbite or cold related illnesses. We have made it our mission to develop portable heating systems that are easy to use, and will enable us to protect the entire body. Our range of products includes gloves, insoles, and heated socks, as well as heating and drying systems to maintain footwear on a daily basis. Our brand new non-electronic heating solutions for everyday use rely on several years of research, in terms of insulation and production of natural heat. Having invented heating for ski boots, Therm-ic then went on to become the heat specialist for winter sports enthusiasts and lovers of the winter season!


Thermo Insulation technology promises you products that are both insulating and comfortable. All of our products are all designed to retain body heat and build a barrier against the cold.


The choice of materials is paramount for this technology: they are soft, comfortable, warm and insulating for optimal well being during your outdoor activities.




Therm-ic have created the smallest and most ergonomic warmer on the market for easy insertion into products...right up to the end of the fingers! Innovative products designed to include a dedicated pocket for the warmer to fit in. Discover the Warmer Ready mittens 


High end socks, gloves and insoles offering up to 29 hours of heat...this is possible thanks to the new range of heated products.


Features include a new technology offering adjustment of warmth levels with a single button push as well as boosted battery capacity thanks to the new USB charger.



No matter what their environment, human beings seek to keep their body at a constant temperature. Humans are therefore “warm-blooded” beings, said to be homeotherms: whatever the external conditions, they keep their internal temperature around an average target value of 37 °C...

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